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The SmartVilla Homeserver
One for all!

The SmartVilla Home Server is a PC, equipped with the new Microsoft operating system „Windows Home Server“. It is directly attached to your DSL-router and connects the clients of your household (or conference room, studio, office, home office). Thus, your desktop PC, media centers, notebooks and tablet-PCs work in a reliablel network, which - compared to conventional Client-Server-Solutions - requires only few administration.

Places of installation:

The SmartVilla Home Servers "Standard" run discreet

· in your utility room
· in the cellar, the loft
· or wherever you want

one only condition: a network cable between the Home Server and your DSL-router. The SmartVilla Home Servers "Premium" can be operated in office rooms, living rooms or with adequate aeration also built into furniture. The Server does not require neither a monitor nor a keyboard. Once put into operation it can be used by the client PCs in your home or your office. The electric power consumption of our Servers will be model-specifically measured and documented.

Access authorization:

Family members or colleques receive individual rights and data areas to administrate personal content. These personal files Ordner cannot be viewed by others or - according to access - used but not changed. Files available for all members (e.g. vacation photos, music, movies, letters, documents, calculations, presentations…) are stored in Public Files.

The SmartVilla Home Server can be operated by th owner, the employer and authorized persons over the internet to:

· access data (Office Files, photos, music…)
· sample status information about connected home devices
· adjust settings on the home devices
  (heating, windows, doors, lighting…)

The Data-monitoring can also be done by SmartVilla (our 24/7 service starting soon). The owners or authorized persons receive constant status reports and are informed immediately if specific values of the house automation leave the normal range. This might be helpful for general security purpose, and especially for the hurricane season.