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The SmartVilla Media Center
Pure Entertainment !

Main element of your multimedia solution is the"living room PC" (Media Center).

Design your multimedia entertainment with the SmartVilla Media Center. It consists of a SmartVilla Home Server adapted "living room PC" (also known as HTPC = Home Theater PC) and other components - according to your individual wishes and local equipment:

· Beamer and silver screen or large-scale display
· multi-channel soundsystem
· remote control
· built-in furniture

Therein integrated and therefore not longer necessary as single devices are:

· CD player und recorder
· DVD player und recorder
· DVB-T TV or DVB-S Satellite TV or DVB-C
  digital cable TV
· up to 4 receivers in your media center available
· Media player for photos, videos und movies
· Internet news
· Online radio

And all this optional in HD high definition formats (including BluRay DVD player)

With the Media Center "Extender" you can provide movies, videos ond other multimedia contents of your Home Server to TVs or consoles like Microsoft's xBox in other rooms in your house.