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The SmartVilla Business Solutions
Home Office complete!

The SmartVilla Business Solutions consists of one or more to the SmartVilla Home Server verified desktop PC, notebook or tablet PC to use at:

· Home Office
· Offices, studios (especially for freelancer)
· smaller businesses
· conference rooms
· waiting areas, lounges
· hotel suites
· boats
· Caravans

The PCs are together installed with the Home Server. The bundle contains collectively:

· licenses for up to 10 clients on your Home Server
· 1—10 Office PCs (desktop, tower, tablet oder notebook)
· SmartVilla Home Server
  (with the Microsoft operating system "Windows Home Server")
· A backup strategy for secure data management
  (Preconfigurated and decribed in one instruction guide.)
· Optional:
  synchronisation software,
  which automatically adjusts the most important working files
  between your Home Server and
  the notebooks - so you always have the current files with you
· Optional:
  DSL-router and W-LAN components for the network
  (incl. port opening for the internet access to the Home Server)